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Our weekly news digest is sent completely FREE to the visually impaired in the Mid-Essex area which, for us, stretches from Halstead in the north to Burnham in the south and from Dunmow in the west to Coggeshall, Kelvedon and Feering in the east.

You qualify if you are registered blind or partially sighted with close up vision of N12 or less quality. Approaches can be made to us direct by the would-be listener, their family, friends or social worker. Clubs or county librarians who work with the visually impaired through alternative reading formats can also be involved.

If you know the area, no longer live in it but are still interested in what is happening here, you should still qualify for FREE recordings. Contact us.

This is the memory Stick containing the recording which we will send each week.

Formalities are minimal. We simply need confirmation details of sight condition, name, address and telephone number. Tell us too if a player is needed and whether the applicant is experienced in handing the type of recording requested.

For those who own their own player, mailing can start immediately. If a machine is needed, we offer one FREE on loan and a volunteer will arrange to visit and show how it should be used. Mailing will start as soon as recordings can be played.    The latest player is shown above.   This model also has a radio facility

The recording device should be returned within a week by replacing it in the pouch it was sent in, the address label reversed and then posted. There is no postal charge.

Please DO NOT post by handing over the counter in a post office.  Staff are obligedto stick a label over the pouch that is very difficult to remove. Use a post box.

The FREE service will last as long as needed. There are no annual renewals or other procedures to follow.

If you are not visually impaired but feel the recordings will be of benefit, contact us. We can make arrangements to send you recordings for the charge of postage and padded envelopes.

Anyone with a computer can access recordings FREE through this website. 

Click the LISTEN button top right on HOME (First) page.


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