Data Protection



Having completed the Notification Exemptions – Self Assessment Guide, and consulted the Data Protection Information Commissioner’s Office, it would appear that, since the only information we hold about our listeners and volunteers is a mailing list of names and contact details, the Mid Essex Talking News  (METN) is exempt from the requirement to notify under the Data Protection Act 2018.

However, we are required to ensure that we follow the data protection principles of good information handling. These say that METN must:

  • only process information necessary to establish or maintain membership or support;
  • only process information necessary to provide or administer activities for people who are members of the organisation or have regular contact with it;
  • only share the information with people and organisations necessary to carry out the organisation’s activities. Important – if individuals give permission to share their information, this is OK.
  • only keep the information while the individual is a member or supporter or as long as necessary for member/supporter administration.

Data held by METN

There are 3 types of Data held by METN

1.       List of listeners’ names and contact details

These are deleted as soon as we are informed that a listener no longer requires our services.


2.       List of volunteers’ names, contact details and references

The Administrator will keep a list of every volunteer’s phone number, emergency contact number, email address and home address. Volunteers’ phone numbers will be freely circulated amongst all volunteers. Emergency numbers (for use if a volunteer becomes ill while in the studio) will be kept next to the First Aid Kit in the studio. Email addresses will only be circulated to those volunteers in their particular team (Tech, News Editors, Host ). Home addresses will only be available to the Administrator, President and Chairman.

All details will be deleted when a volunteer leaves METN unless he/she requests otherwise. (Some people may want us to supply a reference for them at a future date).


3.       Details of prospective volunteers who applied to join but did not pursue their application.

These will be destroyed after 6 months.


Volunteers can request at any time to see the data we hold relating to themselves.